Here are the critical stats that shaped the property landscape in 2023.

Welcome to our comprehensive year-end recap for 2023, where we provide an in-depth analysis of the real estate landscape in Flathead and Lake Counties. In this recap, we delve into the key metrics surrounding waterfront transactions, land sales, and home transactions, offering a nuanced perspective on the market dynamics. Join us as we navigate through the numbers and unravel the intricate details that shaped this intriguing year.

Feel free to watch the full video or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

0:39 — 2023 stats for Flathead Lake Homes

2:55 — Full-year stats for Flathead Lake Land

4:20 — Full-year recap for Flathead and Lake Counties

5:50 — List to sale price 

6:45 — Days on market

7:16 — Median sales price

7:53 — Housing affordability index

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