Nobody wants to feel like they’re living in a construction zone. Here are a few ways to reduce the noise that makes its way inside your home.

Homeowners often ask me how to reduce the noise level in their home. Usually, this question comes from people who live near busy streets or highways and are concerned that the sounds of traffic might negatively impact their day-to-day-life. If this is a concern of yours, today I have some tips to share about how you can soundproof your home.

Upgrading existing insulation or adding insulation to your walls is a good idea, especially if you’re buying new construction. Foam insulation will negate the transfer of sound through your walls.

A solid-core door is another way to reduce the noise that comes into your home. You can even get solid-core bedroom doors.

Even plush furniture can reduce interior and exterior sound.

There is some amazing technology out there as far as windows are concerned. Window glass tends to resonate like a drum, but if you have thermopane windows with two different thicknesses of glass, sound will resonate at two different rates—thus reducing the overall noise level in your home. You can also add window inserts, window treatments, and storm windows to further reduce noise. Even some contemporary blinds have sound reduction built into them.

If you have rooms with hard floors, adding rugs, carpet, and plush furniture can make a difference. They absorb more sound and can reduce both interior and exterior sound.

Finally, vegetation and plants can make a difference. During spring and summer, when trees are full of leaves and many plants are in full bloom, the extra foliage in your yard can simultaneously create privacy and reduce outdoor noise.

If you have any other questions for me about how to reduce noise in your home, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.