Here’s an update on the most popular 10-year investments today.

Today I’m following up on a video blog from about a year ago. In that video, I covered what you should do with your money when you sell. I brought up an article by Bankrate which looked at the popularity of different investments that you’d hold for 10 years, and real estate was on top. I just received an update on that same topic, and I thought it would be interesting to cover.

Real estate is still No. 1, but it was much more popular with younger people. Stocks and bonds used to be the No. 2 option, but now it’s cash. People might be waiting to see how the economy does, but they also might be looking for good buying opportunities in real estate since cash is so strong in transactions.

Real estate is still the No. 1 long-term investment.

Gold stayed pretty steady. Bonds used to be No. 4, but they lost their spot to Bitcoin, going from 7% in popularity to 4%, while cryptocurrency jumped from 4% to 9%. I frankly don’t know much about cryptocurrency, but it’s pretty interesting that people feel it’s a good long-term investment. 

I always find it a little interesting to see how people are handling their wealth, and I hope you do too. If you have some questions about this survey or anything related to real estate, feel free to give me a call. I’d be happy to pass along more information.