Important stats from the 2022 market that affect our current one.

So much happened in the 2022 market, and I’m sure you noticed the many ups and downs. As changes happen, it’s important to stay up to date to know how you, your home, and your plans are affected. To help with this, today I’m here with a recap of the 2022 market. 

You can listen to the entire recap in the video above or skip to specific topics using these timestamps: 

0:00 — Introduction 

0:50 — Our research 

2:05 — Asking price fluctuation 

2:46 — The sales prices and expectations 

3:54 — Price per square foot 

5:10 — List-to-sales-price ratio and the market’s plateau 

6:57 — The number of houses that sold in less than 30 days 

8:17 — Homes that took longer to sell 

10:04 — The price of your listing matters more than when it was put on the market 

10:42 — Wrapping up 

As the market continues to shift, I can help you navigate and make smart plans. If you want my help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can call or email me anytime.