Here’s what to know about internet connection in northwest Montana.

I read in an article that Montana Sky, one of the internet providers here, is rewiring the small community of Troy to bring a high-speed, fiber-optic connection to every home. It reminded me of a question that buyers seem to ask well before worrying about bathrooms and bedrooms: “Is there internet service?”

Since connection is such an important topic, I thought it’d be a good idea to put together a page on our website that addresses it. There, you’ll find a list of the different internet providers in our area and what type of services they offer. From wireless satellite connections, to cable, to fiber optics, and back down to DSL, they have the whole spectrum.

Thankfully, we have enough options for you to shop, as there is some overlapping coverage from the different providers. So if you want to see what’s being offered in northwest Montana, we invite you to check out our page. It’ll be updated regularly because things are changing rapidly around here.

The days of internet connection uncertainty in northwest Montana are over.

A while back, we went through a rather uncomfortable period of uncertainty. For example, there were a few instances in which a seller would cancel their service upon moving out, a buyer would move in and call to order new service, but the provider would inform that they’re full; that space had just been allocated to someone else. We’re happy to say that those days are behind us now.

We also realized the need for a second web page that covers questions on things like utilities, surveyors, propane, natural gas, etc. These homeowner resources and services are helpful to anybody who’s moving into the area. You can check out our vendor page here.

I hope you found today’s video to be informative. Please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email with any other real estate questions you may have. We’re always here to help!