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Client Audio Testimonials

"We ended up with a house. He is awesome. He was fantastic and he was very patient. It took us a very long time to find just what we were looking for and he never gave up. What realtor would stick with you for two years? So it was all above and beyond. I would recommend him to anybody."

-Sarah L.

"The results were very good. We worked with them over a period of time looking for land up in the Bigfork area. Scott's been incredibly responsive to all of our requests. He went out of his way on weekends to show us property when we were up there visiting and when we made the offer on the transaction that we just closed on. He went out of his way to get a lot of information for us and negotiate the deal. We're extremely satisfied. Given our experience with Scott and his team we would certainly use him again and recommend him to family, friends, or anybody. He's probably knowledgeable as anybody in that area so he comes highly recommended as far as we're concerned."

-Roger P.

"They helped us find our new house. We worked specifically with Dane and it was a really great experience. We went and looked at several different places and he was super knowledgeable about the area having been from there and answered all of our questions and just provided a lot of really great feedback. We would go and look at a different property and currently we live in Nashville, Tennessee. And so we are moving to Montana but we're not super familiar with that area. We were kind of like alright what do think, you know is this a good price point or you know that the value is there. And he was really honest, he was just very knowledgeable about the market there. Even when we would ask, "Okay what kind of offer would you put on this house?" and obviously I know they're paid based on the total sale so it is in his best interest for the sale price to be as high as possible. He gave us a lot of really great feedback as far as like well I would put in an offer somewhere around this range. It was very credible and you know made me realize that we could really trust his opinion and it seemed like he really had our best interest at heart."

-Mallory G.

"I actually purchased a home through them and it was very successful. I worked with Drew Hollinger and he helped navigate the financing situation providing all the documents that our lender needed. Drew was able to connect me with the other owners of the other side of the duplex that I purchased actually it was a two-unit condo and I purchased one side of it. We had trouble trying to understand some of the homeowner association documents and so he was able to actually locate the owner of the other side and help us answer some questions."

-Kristie H.

"My results were great I was selling a property in Polson Montana and it was a very unique property because it was a lakefront property with a building that wasn't finished yet it's an unfinished building which is kind of hard to sell. The Hollinger team was great they came out and helped me. They're always calling me and helping me and they were very good. They seemed they were always above and beyond. I wasn't always in town and they would always call me or tell me of a showing or tell me how it went afterwards. They would always be available anytime I would call, their own cell numbers or Scott Hollinger was great and the whole team. I would recommend them to anybody that I knew selling or buying a property."

-Jan G.

"We obviously were able to sell our home which is the result that we wanted. They did a fabulous job of making a video of our house to post it so that potential buyers would be able to view our home both inside and outside."

-Gwen C.

"I worked with Dane Hollinger who helped me put together the transaction. I was able to meet with him on short notice to ask questions and go over the transaction details. But as I look back at the sale what really stood out for me was Dane's willingness to do whatever it took to help me make this run smoothly. In fact he is at the house helping me move things into storage driving his truck down to the location and actually helping me load things up. I don't think it gets any better than that."

-Doug H.

"Good Results. Anytime we needed Scott, we worked with Scott for years showing us home. He was always right there. We love Scott, Dane, and the Hollingers. They were there every time we needed them. They would drive clear around the lake anytime we needed them. They were there, seems like they went out of their way. I highly recommend them, and I have been recommending them. We just love them."

-Beverly H.